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TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63

Luxury meets aggression with a collaborative effort for the ages.

EC Staff
Oct 5, 2020
Photographer: TAG Motorsports

Let's talk about two iconic names in automotive history, both of which are tied to Mercedes Benz. Ever since the G-Wagon—which was developed for military use—became available for civilians, it has become one of the most iconic SUVs ever made. BRABUS, founded in 1977, has become one of the most recognized tuners in the world, building some of the most powerful and aggressive luxury vehicles for over 40 years. Now put these together and you have a recipe for something epic.

Tag Motorsports AMG G63 ANRKY AN35 Wheels 01 Photo 18/18   |   TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63

Most would be very happy with a factory AMG G63 version of the G-Wagon while others would like to modify their Mercedes and would be content with new wheels and maybe an exhaust. Then, there are the people who.... Well, they certainly aren't the majority. They want the extreme and this is for them.

Call it the TAG Motorsports Bootcamp, the group was on a mission to beef up this G63 using only the best from BRABUS North America to whip it into powerful shape. To make it all happen, the big guns, the full Monty, even the kitchen sink were requested for this build. No, that wasn't installed, but you get the point. A BRABUS complete G63 Widestar Aero Kit is the meat and bones of this conversion with all the supplements to transform one's horse and carriage into a monster. A fitting name for the additional aero, which it lives up to by adding 4" of width to the G63's stance...per side. This provides space for the very grown wheel and tire set-up. Remind us to get back to that in a second.

Tag Motorsports AMG G63 BRABUS Hood Photo 18/18   |   TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63

The BRABUS Aero package comes with some amazing pieces to really highlight G63. First, when you step up and open the door, BRABUS integrated LEDs illuminate the running boards between the flares as soon as a door handle is pulled or the central locking system is activated via Keyless Go. The BRABUS logos in the fender attachments behind the front flares light up at the same time. This is as cool to witness out in the wild at night or in the garage! The BRABUS name also makes an appearance on the front grille and lights up in a subtle blue hue. Other key parts include a carbon fiber hood, roof Lights, spare tire delete plate, and front grille surround. As you might expect, given the BRABUS name and reputation, the carbon fiber quality is second to none.

Tag Motorsports AMG G63 BRABUS Paddle Shifter Photo 18/18   |   TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63

For the interior, TAG Motorsports finished it off with BRABUS shift paddles in black, aluminum door lock pins, and an aluminum pedal set.

Okay, now let's talk performance. Don't worry, leg day was not skipped on this athletic of a vehicle. To give it more grunt and a bit of a sound, we started by opening up the breathing via BRABUS' Valved Exhaust and Blow-Off Valve Kit. That initial bark is just the beginning as the newly added BRABUS Powerkit belts out 700hp and adds an additional 100 lbs-ft. of torque to help accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished.

Tag Motorsports AMG G63 ANRKY AN35 Wheel Photo 18/18   |   TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63

Now, since you reminded us, the wheel and tire package that can handle all of this is very important. You need a sturdy platform when you're powerlifting and the foundation on this build are 20x11 ANRKY AN35 Forged wheels which were built specifically for this project and finished with a Satin Black face, Gloss Black lip combo. But the tire set up took things over the top. The 305/55 BFG set-up required some engineering by our team to fit. This is not for the faint of heart, but we made it! It took some clever re-organizing skills but was well worth the effort. The finishing touch is the addition of TAG custom painted brake calipers with BRABUS logos.

Fully transformed we turned a gentle machine into a beast. Luxury and comfort have not been lost, however, it's not one to be messed with on the street, dirt road, mountain, sand dunes, parking lot, gas station, freeway...well, you get the point—ANYWHERE!

2020 Mercedes G63 BRABUS

  • BRABUS G63 Widestar Aero Kit
  • BRABUS Matte Carbon Hood Kit
  • BRABUS Matte Carbon Roof Lights
  • BRABUS Matte Carbon Spare Tire Delete Kit
  • BRABUS Matte Carbon Front Grille Surround
  • BRABUS Rear Roof Spoiler
  • BRABUS B Logo for Front Grill
  • BRABUS Illuminated Radiator Grill Logo
  • BRABUS RED logos on Side
  • BRABUS 700HP Engine Powerkit
  • BRABUS Valved Exhaust in Black
  • BRABUS Blow Off Valve Kit
  • BRABUS Interior Shift Paddles in Black
  • BRABUS Aluminum door lock pins
  • BRABUS Aluminum Pedal Set
  • BRABUS Suspension Lift Kit
  • 20x11 ANRKY AN35 Wheels in Satin Black face, Gloss Black Lip
  • 305/55/20 BFG K03 M/T Tires
  • TAG Custom Front Suspension/Fender Package to Clear Wider Wheel Package
  • TAG Motorsports Blackout Package
  • TAG Motorsports Painted Red Calipers with BRABUS Logo
  • Complete vehicle Satin XPEL Clear Bra

Tag Motorsports AMG G63 Tailgate Photo 18/18   |   TAG Motorsports Creates The Ultimate BRABUS AMG G63
By EC Staff
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