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Building the Perfect Set of 19-inch BBS LM Wheels for the A90 Toyota Supra

Nailing down the fitment and updating the look on our 2020 GR Supra project car.

Sam Du
Nov 12, 2020

It's been exactly one year since my 2020 Toyota GR Supra project was unveiled at the ENEOS booth during the 2020 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Quite honestly, I was pretty happy with how everything came together with the first-ever EVS Tuning body kit, Brembo GTS big brakes, KW V3 coilovers, Akrapovic exhaust and other high quality goodies. I opted not to go widebody and glad I did because it's just too loud for me; however, after a few months, I was already beginning to get a little bored of the manufacturer-spec BBS LM wheels that were installed on the car even before SEMA. It was time for a change...

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017 toyota supra a90 bbs lm white kw coilovers Photo 23/23   |   Building the Perfect Set of 19-inch BBS LM Wheels for the A90 Toyota Supra


At the time of picking up this A90, manufacturers were still trying to figure out wheel fitments. With an unexpected 5x112 bolt pattern, many companies were thrown off as it wasn't the typical set up you'd see on a Toyota (5x114.3) or BMW (5x120), but more commonly found on Audis and Mercedes. Weird, right? With less than three months until SEMA, unless I was going to have some custom wheels made for me, I'd have to improvise and use what was available, in this case, a set of off-the-shelf 19x9" front, 19x10" rear BBS LMs in a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. Using a set of 8 Prince adapters, we enabled the two-piece BBS to fit, although it was never the perfect setup to begin with, and it was also conservative in its spec, retaining the same measurements as the factory Supra (less width and lip than what was possible).


After the dust had settled from SEMA and I was able to enjoy the car for a few thousand miles, I was still a bit irked with the "weak" wheel fitment and also the fact that I was piggybacking off of wheel adapters. So, I decided to reconnect with an old friend, Mark Perrault, who I've known since I lived in Seattle, before I even started out at the magazine. I remember Mark for being one of the first VW guys to put JDM wheels on a Golf/GTI. He'd later go on to build other cool project cars and eventually start his own custom wheel business, which brought him down to Southern California.

003 toyota supra a90 bbs lm white 19 inch Photo 23/23   |   Building the Perfect Set of 19-inch BBS LM Wheels for the A90 Toyota Supra

What you have to know about Mark is that he's not one to put his name out there or post a hundred times on Instagram. He's more of a word-of-mouth type of guy, and for those that know how to get a hold of him and aspire to have well-cared-for, custom, multi-piece wheels, then Mark's your guy. He's capable of anything you can think of when it comes to wheel remodeling: refinishing, powdercoating, re-lipping, re-barreling, re-drilling and more. I've seen his work on several cars before, including a pair of BMW M3s we featured recently, so I knew I'd be in good hands.


It took several nights in bed tossing and turning before I concluded that I didn't want to ditch the LMs. It's simply my favorite wheel of all-time and I couldn't pull myself together to just say goodbye to them, which is when Mark and I began exchanging messages to rebuild my current set. I convinced myself I wanted to go with white faces (I'm a sucker for white wheels if you can recall the BBS E88 wheels on our very own Ratchet Bunny Scion FR-S project car). I dropped off the Supra at Mark's shop and he helped take apart the centers and sent them off to powdercoating.

015 toyota supra a90 bbs lm white faces Photo 23/23   |   Building the Perfect Set of 19-inch BBS LM Wheels for the A90 Toyota Supra

Once the faces were done, he installed custom cut hi-luster step lips and satin black barrels to rebuild the LM specs to a more aggressive 19x9.5" front, 19x11" rear, which increases the lip size about 1-inch all-around (while still having enough clearance for the brakes). New chrome assembly is used throughout as well as BBS red/chrome caps and red/black lip stickers. The centers were also redrilled to the proper 5x112, which eliminates the need for adapters. As a finishing touch, the tiny BBS logos on the faces were also painted red.


If I can give any advice to anyone about rebuilding a set of wheels, it's that it doesn't come cheap, easy or quick. There's the time and effort it takes to spec them out correctly, then wait for the wheel components to arrive, and then all the man hours to properly achieve the perfect fit, finish and execution (this can take months!). You also want to make sure whoever is doing them knows their stuff. The last thing you want is wheel hardware loosening up on you.

012 toyota supra a90 bbs lm white polished lips Photo 23/23   |   Building the Perfect Set of 19-inch BBS LM Wheels for the A90 Toyota Supra

Is it worth it? You're damn right! How many cars do you see on standard LMs or Volk Racing TE37s or Work Meisters? Hundreds, if not thousands, which is why more people are looking to custom wheel manufacturers or rebuilding a set of older wheels, like me. I'll disclose that rebuilding my LMs cost as much as a set of new wheels, so it's no easy decision when it comes to your pocketbook. I've always lived by the saying, "wheels make the car". Perhaps I'll be living off instant noodles for the next few months, but I'm extremely happy with how I've been able to reimagine a classic mesh multi-piece wheel that I've loved for years.






INSTAGRAM @duspeed

ENGINE 3.0-liter 24-valve B58 inline-six; Akrapovic titanium exhaust; AMS Performance 304 stainless 4.5" to 3.5" downpipe; Eventuri carbon fiber intake; Ignition Project Power coils; YMP carbon fiber engine cover

DRIVETRAIN eight-speed ZF automatic transmission

ENGINE MANAGEMENT protuningfreaks Bootmod3 stage 2 tune

FOOTWORK & CHASSIS KW Variant 3 coilovers; RS-R EDC canceller

BRAKES Brembo GT-S front big brake kit featuring 380mm two-piece slotted rotors and six-piston hard anodized calipers

WHEELS & TIRES 19x9.5" front, 19x11" rear rebuilt BBS LM wheels with powdercoated gloss white centers, hi luster lips, stain black barrels, chrome hardware, red/chrome center caps, red/black stickers; 275/35R19 front, 305/30R19 rear Toyo R888R tires

EXTERIOR EVS Tuning aerodynamics featuring carbon-fiber front lip, front splitter, fenders, side skirts, rear lip spoiler and side mirrors; Voltex Type 10SN rear wing; IND painted front reflectors; XPEL full car paint protection and Prime window tint by Premier Auto Armor

INTERIOR Recaro Pro Racer SPA seats; Bride seat rails; Cusco harness bar; Schroth harness

By Sam Du
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